Valentine  NFT   Project
Love the people with whom fate brings you together, but do so with all your heart.
-Marcus Aurelius

Life can be hard. Help spread love and friendship to the NFT community. Connect your MetaMask, or paste in your Ethereum address below to get your free, limited quantity Valentine NFT. Then, help someone else get theirs.

UPDATE: Our friends at Wildernest are giving away a free stay at their AirBnB tiny house to some lucky wallet addresses.

How do I get a Valentine NFT

  1. Install MetaMask
  2. Click on the "Connect to MetaMask" button. Or, paste your ethereum address in the form above and hit "send".
  3. On February 14th your NFT will show up in your account.
    (Don't have an OpenSea account? No worries, it will be waiting for you when you create one).

The NFT Artists

Meet the artists behind this years Valentine NFT Project.

Melissa Freund

Melissa Freund's parenting journey started with the heart. Her daughter was born with a rare heart defect & needed open heart surgery at 11 days old. Freund decided to draw hearts as a way to cope. She took those heart drawings & published a coloring book in May 2021, and in September of the same year made a 100 piece NFT collection called Anatomical Hearts.

The Anatomical Project is an on-going project that support the medical community by drawing additional anatomical pieces. Freund continues to work on lungs, kidneys, livers, and brains and coloring books for all.


The “I Love You Project” was conceived in January 2022 by a new mother to memorialize the love for her son using the emerging technology of the blockchain. Each piece in the collection comes with a description of a memory or heartfelt reflection.

Wishing to remain unknown, Mama Love (as you can call her) hopes her personal yet anonymous love notes will touch hearts everywhere. Whether you are a mother or not, you have a mom or other positive female figure in your life. The bond is unlike anything else.

The limited collection created especially for the Valentine’s Project includes 14 original pieces (for the 14th day of February). Like special love notes in a bottle washed to shore for the lucky few who find them, Mama Love hopes they bring you joy and the feeling of connectedness.

Sara Harding

Sara is he artist behind the succesful gm groundhogs NFTs, as well as Robert & Stella invitations and paper goods.

Darby Bailey

Darby Bailey is an interdisciplinary artist, technologist and entrepreneur who has been a voice of IVR and AI systems since Web 1.0. Darby's return to active art creation comes after a hiatus where she has been focusing on healing through trauma therapy after receiving a late age autism diagnosis.

Bailey's stitched together art hearts are a putting back together of the pieces of her past, as a symbolic gesture of loving her inner child in a new way, for a more authentic future.

Bailey was an avid artist, seamstress, songwriter and maker as a child. As an adult she studied art at Antioch University Los Angeles, and in the Book Arts Program, printmaking and art history courses at the University of Utah. She is excited to use her background in tech to incorporate AI, voice and sonics into her NFT art to originate digitally and/or on-chain.

Bailey is currently a Ph.D. student in Communication at Regent University, researching Social Impact Entertainment with the use of advanced technologies, to assist in educating the world's children in remote and underserved areas.

Danielle Beury

mixed media artist, photographer, muralist and event producer. Love is quite often the subject matter for her works.

This past year Beury was an Artist in Residence in a county-wide mural project titled "783 Points of Light" where school students were to create mini murals that depict positive imagery regarding their hometowns. The project's mission is to encourage student's pride in where they live and grow. The student's mural will be sprinkled throughout the entire 783 square miles of the county for everyone to enjoy.

Beury also designed and painted a 550 square foot mural titled "Love Grows Here" for a newly renovated youth center in her area this past year. She designed the mural in a way so that the children of the youth group would have the opportunity to participate and see their very own art "up on the big wall"!

Currently Beury is working on a coffee table style "Book of Love" that will be a compilation of Heart Art and photographs of hearts found in Nature along with their origin stories and some of her favorite Love Quotes.

Most recently Beury conceptualized and produced "A Clockwork Yellow" which is a multi-sensory experience intended to lift the community's spirits through use of color in both 2D and 3D art, and by featuring presenters that specialize in ancient restorative arts and holistic healing modalities.

Her NFT contribution, "Bodhisattva" is a brightly colored Alcohol Ink piece that was done on ceramic tile. Both Fire and Water are represented through color and form. And if you gaze closely enough, you will find images within the image! Hearts within hearts, sea creatures, waves and so on. Your perspective will determine what you see!

Enjoy & Happy Valentine's Day!! ❤🦋❤

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I see my Valentine NFT?
    Go create an account at using this same address and your NFT will be waiting there for you.
  2. When will I get it?
    The NFT will drop the day before Valentines Day (February 14th).
  3. How do I give the Valentine NFT to someone else?
    Get the address of who you want to send it to, and "Transfer" it to them on OpenSea. Or, simply show them how to get their own from this website.
  4. What blockchain is this NFT on?
  5. How many NFTs are you minting?
    There will be 1,496. Why 1496? Valentine's Day is on the 14th, and originated in the year AD 496.

Project Team